Conference Calendar

SPARK presents, exhibits, and disseminates SPARK awareness information worldwide. We hope you'll watch for SPARK at conferences and special events you attend, and visit the SPARK booth to speak with one of our representatives.

If you are on this webpage because you just attended a SPARK conference session, thanks! Please let us know if you would like to preview SPARK curriculum, purchase any of the items you played with, or learn more about training opportunities.

For Conference-Specific Handouts, CLICK HERE

We'll be watching for YOU at the conferences below:


Please Note: Individuals that attend a SPARK presentation at a conference do not earn the title “SPARK Certified Instructor” or "SPARK Certified Trainer". To become a Certified Instructor you must attend a SPARK Premium workshop (for more information go back to the homepage, choose your program of choice and then click on "training"). To become a certified Trainer you must participate in our Train-The-Trainer program. Contact SPARK for more information on our TT model.

Our new Grant Finder Tool will help you find grants specific to your state and type of program. New grants updated daily!

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