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Ignite a Healthy Environment Program:

ASCD LogoSPARK is proud to introduce you to ASCD, our exclusive Healthy School Environment partner. To learn more about ASCD, Click Here.

Whether your school has just started down the path to wellness or has already organized a wellness team, SPARK/ASCD will assess your progress and work with you to create a healthy school environment that changes the behavior of your students and staff.

The SPARK/ASCD process begins with capacity building and a thorough analysis of your current CSH program to learn more about your particular needs and challenges.  It then aligns the health and wellbeing goals with your overall school improvement plan.

Audience: School wellness committee/school health advisory council members which include classroom teachers, physical education specialists, food service staff, nurses, parent leaders, student advisors along with administrators.  Note:  Principals are required to be a part of this training program.

Program Components:

1.  Formative Assessment

The SPARK/ASCD process begins with a thorough analysis of your current CSH program, and an effort to learn more about your particular needs, challenges and barriers.

Our content experts use this data to work with you and develop a vision, plan, and timeline; then recommend targeted resources and services that align with your goals.

2.  Materials

The Healthy School Report Card (HSRC) 2nd edition and Online Analysis Tool (OAT).

Click Here for more information about this toolkit.

3.  Training

SPARK/ASCD offers an Ignite a Healthy Environment workshop to put your vision into action! The 1-day (6-hr), on-site training introduces your staff and community members to CSH concepts and components through an interactive, team-building style and walks you through the four steps of the HSRC process including Organizing, Scoring, Reporting, and Using the Results. The training also addresses what SPARK has identified as the "3 P’s" of CSH development:

1 Paradigm shift towards a wellness environment      2 Policies to support your CSH effort      3 Programs to provide resources, strategies, consultation and tools

These personal workshops don't just talk about the why and what, they show your staff HOW to facilitate positive, lasting change via simple, manageable actions!

Training outcomes include:

  • Wellness council capacity building
  • Assisting wellness teams with assessment, action planning and evaluation for sustained results
  • Making wellness policies real world and actionable
  • Engaging students, staff, and families to be part of the healthy changes
  • Assisting wellness teams with assessment, action planning and evaluation for sustained results

SPARK Coordinated School Health Initiative Posters

4.  Follow-Up Support

For a program to work and last, extensive, ongoing consultation must be provided. SPARK demonstrates commitment to follow-up via their unique “SPARK Stars” institutionalization model, by offering FREE, lifetime support to each curriculum/material purchaser and/or workshop attendee through 800 number and e-mail consultation, a monthly webinar series, social networking opportunities and an informational monthly eNewsletter. For more information on the FREE lifetime support SPARK provides with any program, Click Here.

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