Coordinated School Health For Wellness Coordinator
Coordinated School Health for Wellness Coordinator

Coordinated School Health Initiative

Coordinated School Health (CSH) Program!

SPARK researchers and educators have spent the past 3 years developing and field-testing the best approaches to CSH and are proud to introduce you to SPARK’s Coordinated School Health Initiative (CSHI).

The CSH model consists of eight interactive components.  Schools by themselves cannot—and should not be expected to—solve the nation’s most serious health and social problems. Families, health care workers, the media, religious organizations, community organizations that serve youth, and young people themselves also must be systematically involved. However, schools could provide a critical facility in which many agencies might work together to maintain the well-being of young people. For more information on CDC's Coordinated School Health Program, Click Here.

SPARK believes that two desirable outcomes of effective CSH programs are:

1. Environmental Change: How do we create environments that foster healthy eating, offer myriad physical activity opportunities, and facilitate consistent practice of wellness pursuits?

2. Behavior Change: Within those environments, individuals are faced with choices every minute of the day. After basic knowledge is disseminated (i.e., eat less, move more, get innoculated, etc.) what efforts are made to teach people the skills they need to practice healthful behaviors on and off campus?

To help YOUR school or agency address these two essential outcomes, SPARK offers the following five programs:

The following five core messages are integrated throughout all of the SPARK CSHI programs:

Select Fruits & Vegetables, play actively, avoid excess sugar & fat, reduce TV, drink water

We all understand the problems and the challenges. And we all must work together to be a part of the solution. The SPARK CSH Initiative is designed to provide YOUR school or agency with the tools, resources, consultation and support to successfully navigate the path to wellness.

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