Did you know that February 24 - March 5, 2017 is National Dance Week?

Get movin' and groovin' with the SPARKdance DVD!  On sale now with promo code 081071. Shop now at Sportime.com.

And check out our new SPARKdance Specialty Workshop for strategies to get all of your students actively engaged in dance.

SPARKdance provides your favorite SPARK dances in one place - including videos, music files, lesson plans, and teacher prompt pages. SPARKdance is available in two formats - on DVD or online (included with SPARKfamily.org membership).

The SPARKdance DVD includes:
  • Top 20 SPARK Dances from K-12 PE and After School:
    • Babushka
    • Conga
    • Freaky Freeze
    • Mexican Hat Dance
    • Shoemakers Dance
    • Who's Ready
    • 5-6-7-8
    • Brain Boostin’ boogie
    • California Strut
    • Cotton Eyed Joe (Level 2)
    • Hawaiian Roller Coaster
    • Louisiana Saturday Night
    • Pata Pata
    • Scatter Square Dance
    • Whomp it Up
    • Cha-Cha Challenge
    • Cotton Eyed Joe (Level 3)
    • Irish Jig
    • Night Fever Hustle
    • Stutter Stomp
  • Instructional videos and dance videos
  • Lesson plans, teacher prompt pages, and mp3 music files
  • Dances presented in sequence, from easy to more difficult

Click Here to purchase the SPARKdance DVD

SPARKdance on SPARKfamily.org:

SPARKdance is included as an incredible value-add with all SPARK K-12 PE and After School SPARKfamily memberships. Now, you'll be able to access all PE and After School dance videos, lesson plans, instructional materials, and music files in one place!

SPARKdance on SPARKfamily.org provides:

  • 80 different dances from SPARK K-12 PE & After School
  • Over 170 instructional & activity dance videos
  • Lesson plans, instructional materials and music files!

To access SPARKdance, simply log in to SPARKfamily.org and click on the SPARKdance section in the Navigation Menu.

Not a SPARKfamily member yet?

Click Here to learn more & purchase online, or contact us at 1-800- SPARK PE (772-7573) to speak with a Program Consultant.  SPARKfamily access is included with the purchase of any SPARK PE or After School curriculum set.

NEW! SPARKdance Specialty Workshop

Need some active dance strategies? SPARKdance provides your favorite SPARK dances in this new & exciting workshop for grades K-12 physical education. Participants will learn strategies to engage all students in dance using a variety of teaching methods. This workshop is fun and “hands-on” and sure to encourage even those non-dancers to get up and move to the beat!

Click Here to learn more.

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SPARKdance contest winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the SPARKdance contest!

"Alright stop! Collaborate and listen," we want to congratulate BelovED Community Charter School for winning the SPARKdance Sweepstakes! As the 1st place winner, you'll receive a brand new iPad Mini + SPARK Digital Curriculum Set (with access to SPARKdance).

Here is the winning "Ice Ice Baby" video from BelovED: http://youtu.be/ABJQbybBfqY

And congratulations to the 2nd and 3rd place winners! Both of these entries had over 500 votes, and both win a SPARK Digital Curriculum Set (with access to SPARKdance).

2nd Place: John A Coleman School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LdR8PMtD4M&feature=youtu.be


3rd Place: Providence Public School: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gaD1sjZk8Hg&feature=youtu.be


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